As Iron Sharpens Iron, So One Person Sharpens Another (Proverbs 27:17)

Protect & Defend with Practical Combat Training

Learn how to fight, protect, and defend. American Warrior Combatives (AWC) provides practical combat training for professionals and civilians. We believe that victory favors the prepared. When you are ready for anything, few things take you by surprise. If you want to be instructed in hand-to-hand combat, close-quarters combat (CQC), clearance tactics, and combat shooting, then we are here to teach you new techniques and sharpen your skills. We also provide training for:

Lone Operator Skills
Tactical Mixed Martial Arts
Prisoner-Handling Arrest
Control Techniques
Self-Defense from a Violent Attacker

Let Us Teach You How to Win the Fight

Our highly trained and experienced instructors teach you little-known methods and techniques that ensure you win the fight and go home to your loved ones. Regardless of the areas you'd like to focus on, you'll learn from a true professional in the field. Our primary instructor has decades of military martial arts and combatives experience with the U.S. Marine Corps and Naval Special Warfare. Learn how to always have the upper hand with or without a weapon.

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Contact us to learn combat training that gives you the upper hand. We proudly provide training for the military, law enforcement, and civilians throughout the nation.

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Retired SEAL Empowers Others with Defense Training Inspired by Combat
Posted on June 28, 2019 / NBC San Diego

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The AWC Difference

Man assisting in training with helmet onThere are many places to choose from when it comes to self-defense and several quality coaches and instructors out there. Why should anyone choose AWC over another organization? What's the difference?

American Warrior Combatives, LLC was founded by Randy Rozzell, a retired Navy SEAL with 22 years of service to our country. Randy has done multiple combat deployments. During those deployments, Randy laid his hands upon hundreds of people that needed to be subdued. Some went willing and some did not. Randy ended up fighting for his life and the life of his teammates on more than one occasion. This taught him valuable lessons on what works and what doesn't. This led to a passion in developing the most effective yet easy-to-learn techniques in hand-to-hand combat for armed and unarmed personnel. Techniques that have to work when your life depends on it.

Yes, there are many coaches and systems out there, but very few have the real-life encounters that Randy has experienced. Few coaches know how to take the fluff or sport aspect out a martial art and just use what is pertinent then combine it with other systems to make it even more effective. Even less have tactical knowledge with room clearance techniques and combat shooting to go with it or can manipulate their systems for use by operators downrange to civilians that just want to to defend themselves. At AWC we posses of all these qualities.

Man standing outside in his camouflageOur system is integrated and techniques build upon each other. Students don't learn techniques for self-defense and then learn completely different techniques for tactical Combatives. It has had to do with the level of force the technique is applied. It's the student’s choice with what the situation calls for at the time.

So, whether your profession calls for tactical Combatives training or you are simply seeking easy and effective ways to defend yourself that don't take years to master, our team is happy to assist you with a range of self-defense seminars and marksmanship training. Learn how to defend yourself against a knife or stick attack, how to disarm a gunman, counter ambush techniques, tactical mixed martial arts, and general hand-to-hand combat. Stop by our location in San Diego, or get in touch via phone or email, and we will provide more details.

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