As Iron Sharpens Iron, So One Person Sharpens Another (Proverbs 27:17)

Advanced Police & Military Combatives Training

Helicopter in the airAre you prepared for an attack? AWC teaches you how to be ready in any circumstance. Our practical combat training company provides customized police and military combatives training that integrates into your department or unit's standard operations procedures. Most importantly, they ensure your officers and operators are not caught by surprise, but if they are, they are able to quickly swing into action.

Always Ready for a Fight

As a military operator or police officer, you aren’t looking for a fight, but usually one comes to you. By providing military self-defense training as well as police arrest and control tactics, our instructors help you protect yourself, keep others out of harm’s way, and subdue the attacker.

We offer flexibility in our approach and experience in our training. With decades of experience, our trainer understands that every situation is different and requires various levels of force. In order to be prepared for today's enemies and criminals, you have to be well rounded in the full spectrum of combatives.

Military / LE Agencies Seminars PDF

Contact us for more information about our upcoming police combat training courses. We proudly provide training for the military, law enforcement, and civilians throughout the nation.