As Iron Sharpens Iron, So One Person Sharpens Another (Proverbs 27:17)

A Variety of Combat & Self-Defense Training Seminars

As a military professional, a police officer, or even a civilian, it’s important to know self-defense. Instead of depending on basic training to prepare you, trust AWC to equip you with the skills you need to handle any attack or self-defense situation. Find out more about our combat and self-defense training seminars below as well as our pricing.
Two men learning defense

Edged & Blunt Weapons

Learn how to defend yourself against knife and stick attacks, not by simply running away, but by attacking the assailant and helping you gain control of the situation. You also learn how to properly carry, deploy, and utilize your service-edged or blunt weapon, ensuring that you always win the fight.

Prisoner Handling, Arrest & Control

In our arrest and control seminars, we teach operators how to deal with compliant, non-compliant, and openly hostile individuals, whether solo or in pairs. This is a great way to boost your confidence too, as well as your partner, in arrests and similar situations. It's always important to know what your partner is going to do. This can avoid blue-on-blue situations. Our easy-to-learn tactics and techniques take the guesswork out of these tense situations and help you keep a level head while maintaining situational awareness and control.

Tactical Counters

In our tactical counters seminar, operators learn how to counter common-control positions such as the collar tie, Muay Thai clinch, guillotine, and much more utilizing pain compliance and joint manipulation. These techniques can easily be turned into a more forceful and damaging counter used to subdue or neutralize an adversary.

Counter Ambush, Wall Escapes & Control

Learn how to defend yourself when surprised and backed against a wall from standing and ground positions. Students will acquire the skills to quickly regain their balance, defend strikes and takedowns, and then control and defeat all threats.

Tactical Jiu-Jitsu Level 1

In this seminar, operators learn the basics of jiu-jitsu for an operational setting, 360-degree environment. The class focuses on escapes from the mount and other ground control positions when an adversary is trying to end the fight by any means possible. The emphasis during this seminar is escaping, getting back to your feet quickly, drawing your weapon to control the outcome, and regaining situational awareness.

Tactical Jiu-Jitsu Level 2

This seminar picks up where Level 1 tactical jiu-jitsu leaves off and covers more positions along with counters and submissions with the same emphasis of controlling your environment.

Tactical Striking

Be tactical and deliberate when you need to strike. This seminar teaches the operator how to use basic strikes from boxing and Muay Thai with other unconventional striking techniques. We show our students how to quickly solve potentially dangerous encounters or to simply control their adversaries.

Multiple Attacker and Lone Operator FTX

This is the final culmination of all other seminars. Operators quickly go over the fundamentals of a multiple-attacker situation and refresh previous seminar skills, as well as conduct near full-speed drills in a multiple-attacker scenario. Afterward, they move on to the lone operator drill where we place them in worst case scenario situations. There, they learn how to fight their way out utilizing skills from other seminars. Upon completion, graduates receive a certificate from AWC.

Combat Shooting

Multiple people standing learning tactical defenseIn our small arms seminars, we teach dynamic and combat shooting that incorporates movement and communication. You'll learn to shoot under stress and even increase accuracy outside of your normal range. During the course, we mimic battlefield situations. This provides a realistic combat experience like no other, teaching you how to react in real life to threatening situations. (Note: Range, kill house, ammo, weapons, and targets must be provided by the unit or department).

Clearance Tactics

In this seminar, you’ll learn dynamic and deliberate close quarters combat (CQC) clearance tactics with a focus on two- and four-man room entries from one room to multi-flow. You’ll also identify priorities of threats and avoid blue-on-blue situations. (Note: Kill house, and if requested for training all blue barrels simulation rounds, targets, safety gear, and role players—students can be role players—must be provided by the department if requested for training).

Contact us for more information about our combat close-quarters combat training seminars. We proudly provide training for the military, law enforcement, and civilians throughout the nation.